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Intermodal transportation is a method of transporting more than one point of load without carrying out any operations on the cargo while changing the transportation forms.


Efficient, Timely, Low Cost and Eco-Friendly

Alternative Transport; It uses intermodal transport to transport loads from one place to another in the most efficient, punctual, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. Alternative Transport; It uses the transportation models used in intermodal transportation method such as trucks, trains and cargo ships.


Experience at Intermodal

Based on another model, Alternative Transport derives intermodal mysteries by creating land-rail, sea-rail, air-maritime services that ensure the efficiency of a model.

  • It offers premium and guaranteed intermodal services for time-sensitive cargoes.
  • It offers value pricing for different types of equipment and service options for lower value goods.
  • Equipment flexibility allows customers to choose the most suitable load: 20’, 40’, 45‘ containers and trailers; including high-cube containers and 13,60 trailers.
  • Contracts with select Drayage providers ensure timely purchase and delivery.
  • Especially, with experienced staff, it carefully manage each shipment to ensure consistent, reliable performance that customers need in their transport program.